Episode 47 - "Instincts and Interaction"
SEMINAR 47 cover
Artwork by Frank Harbuck III
Air Date October 19, 2012
Written by

Massively Multiple Primate Theorem by Perry Whittle

Late Library by Charles W. Russell

Wrapper by

Bernadette M. Groves

Directed by Colin Kelly
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Episode 46 - "Guardians of All Forms" Episode 48

Preview TextEdit

Not everyone is who they seem. But when you find out who people are on the inside, sometimes you were better off not knowing!



Massively Multiple Primate TheoremEdit


Late LibraryEdit



In The Wrapper:

Chris Canary as Caesar

Fiona Thraille as John

Bernadette Groves as Dr. Smith

Caith Donovan as Mark 1

Kristen Bays as The Instructor

In The Massively Multiple Primate Theorem:

Hannah Jang-Condell as Celia Winedark

Richard Casto as Champ

In The Late Library:

Steve Tardio as Larry

River Kanoff as Hogan

Lyn Cullen as Jewel

Will Helton as Mr. Oombra

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