Episode 1 - "Sounds and Greed"
Comic image missing full
Artwork Unavailable
Air Date February 24, 2007
Written by

The Sound of the Click by Jordan D. Dennis The Big Payday by Brad Reed

Wrapper by

Kathryn Pryde

Directed by Kathryn Pryde
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N/A Episode 2 - "Poetry and Culture"



The Sound of the ClickEdit


The Big PaydayEdit



In The Wrapper:

Sue Jenkins as The Instructor

In The Sound of the Click:

Carl Hewett as Tom Johnson and Young Tom Johnson

Perry Whittle as the Devil

Justin Daube as Snotglob

Taaron Gorbhan as Freddy

Lexy Rawle as Katherine

In The Big Payday:

Perry Whittle as Eddie

Timm "the Jester" Gillick as Jake


The premiere episode of "Seminar" marker Pendant's first foray into anthology drama.

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