The Pendant Shakespeare
Macbeth - Act I
Artwork by Damian Haywood
Air Date November 14, 2012
Written by

William Shakespeare

Adapted for Audio by Colin Kelly and Kathryn Pryde

Directed by Colin Kelly
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The Phoenix and The Turtle Macbeth - Act II


Coming Soon!


Pete Milan as Macbeth

Edward Herman as Duncan

Mindy Rast-Keenan as Lady Macbeth

Kathryn Pryde as Banquo

Amby Leigh as the First Witch

Kristen Bays as the Second Witch

Beth Freely as the Third Witch

Karen Kahler as Ross

Vincent Morrison as the Sergeant

Chris Brittain as Malcolm

Dave Morgan as the Messenger

Jack Calk as Angus

Chris Hackney as Lennox

Original TextEdit

Macbeth - Play Text

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